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Ifresh is an event suggested by Ms. Nicole Hao Bian to help make the new students feel welcomed by all students. It also helps to encourage the older students to be hospitable to their new lower class men and showcase their talents. After last year’s Godzilla-size pizza to welcome the ICHEF freshmen through the iFresh welcome party 2012, this year, July 26, 2013, the theme for the iFresh 2013 is Candy Land, which signifies the colorful and sweet culinary journey of the students in ICHEF. 

Colorful muffins and burgers were made as a symbol of camaraderie, hospitality and joy for a new batch of chef aspirants entered the one of a kind ICHEF family. The upper class men baked the muffins, burgers and the life-sized chef’s jacket made of royal icing.

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