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I Chef gives honour to the selected high school graduates of Davao City by letting them have the ICHEFian experience in its “TOAST for the Graduates!” last March 20, 2015, 4 pm at the ICHEF Chef’s Kitchen. Five graduates from Holy Cross of Davao College (HS dept.), five graduates from Davao central High School and five graduates from Rizal SPED High School together with their accompanying teachers got the special opportunity to tour around the campus and get the chance to see ICHEF’s world class facilities. There palates are also delighted by the delicious pastries prepared by the 2nd year students of ICHEF in their HIGH TEA Event.
A High tea (also known as meat tea) is the evening meal or dinner of the working class, typically eaten between 5 pm and 7 pm. High tea typically consists of a hot dish, followed by cakes and bread, butter and jam. Occasionally there would be cold cuts of meat, such as ham salad. Traditionally, high tea was eaten by middle- to upper-class children (whose parents would have a more formal dinner later) or by workers when they came home from work.  The term was first used around 1825, and high is used in the sense of well-advanced (like high noon, for example) to signify that it was taken later in the day. 
The High Tea is a special activity in which ICHEF students will have the chance to bake pastries as well as offer world class service to the guests. This is part of their culminating activity for Baking under Chef Clinton Gregorio (ICHEF Master Pastry Chef Trainer). During this activity, the ICHEF students will get the chance to showcase their pastry and service skills to the guests, and this time, their guests are high school graduates who have performed excellence in their studies.
Ichef indeed is jam packed with activities that will hone the students even more.
The Institute of International Culinary and Hospitality Entrepreneurship (ICHEF), owned and managed by the Joji Ilagan Career Center Foundation, Inc. is one of the biggest and most modern hospitality and culinary school in the Philippines located at the Tourist and Food capital of Mindanao-Davao City. Seasoned Culinary chefs work with students hand in hand and with its state of the art kitchen facilities, together with its international partners, Work Skills International and the American Hospitality Academy, students graduate with dual certification proving the advantage of an ICHEF education.
ICHEF is situated at De Jesus Street, (in front of UIC Bonifacio), Davao City. ICHEF can be reached via telephone Tel. Nos.: (082) 305-8833, 300-3322.
Website: www.ichef.com.ph

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