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A gastronomical showdown at the Marco Polo Hotel-Davao

 It was indeed a gastronomical time to remember as foodies recently experienced a spectacular prism of modern Davaoeno food. The lucky ones were presented, and oh so happily at that, a clutch of varying menus that depicted ways of cooking in the city only proving that Davao is, after all, an assimilationist culture.


As Davao's passionate food lovers trooped to the Polo Bistro of the Marco Polo Hotel-Davao last April 30 at noon, they were assured of an exciting cook-off as 12 chefs from Davao City's best culinary arts institutions namely MOST Institute, Center for Asian Culinary Studies, and I-Chef engaged in a savoury showdown reminiscent of the Market Basket Challenge in t.v's most popular cooking show called the Iron Chef. The memorable day was, after all, the finale of a three-week period of culinary showcase of gourmet meals presented by the best of the aspiring student chef's of Davao City.


Today, each  team of four chef's receives an identical marker basket filled with key ingredients from which they will create their special gourmet lunch for the select guests of the Polo Bistro. Naturally, veteran and certified master chef instructors namelyMichael Oberle of the Institute of International Culinary and Hospitality Entrepreneurship (I-Chef), Alexander Bumanlag of the Metropolitan Occupational Science and Technology (MOST), and Agnes Borromeo of the Centre for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS), with the special participation of Marco Polo's Chef Ed Tuazon, are present to supervise and offer skill guidance safety," said F&B Manager Bernard Bulaong. For indeed, last Friday was the best time to experience all three of Davao's best culinary arts institutions' student chefs competing with each other in producing their best culinary masterpieces.


"As you can see on the menu prepared by the student chefs, it's all about being gastronomically born again. You have to be prepared with an astonishing appetite for new. To single out any one item might seem tricky on all manner of counts," Marco Polo Hotel-Davao Gen. Man. Nigel Fisher told the guests.


The special lunch featured superb choices for the entree which included grilled chicken safron lasagne (CACS), paella stuffed chicken ronn (MOST), and stuffed chicken ballotine Philippine Sunrise (I-Chef). Marco Polo's kitchen provided the cream of fresh herbs with smoked salmon soup; and the sweet dessert of chocolate banana creme Anglaise with orange sesame choux and caramel sauce. My, but there were a number of diners that day which ordered the I-Chef entree. I was still waiting for my I-Chef dish to arrive while the other guests were already feasting on their desserts. And favourable comments were heaped on MOST's savoury paella stuffed chicken roll. It was good.


Good thing my gorgeous palanggaJoji Ilagan-Bian, sat beside me and regaled everyone with her congressional campaign experience. Despite her hectic schedule, this pretty and charming woman looked so cool dressed in jeans and Joji tee without the slightest tinge of exhaustion. My, and does she smell good all the time. Naturally the dynamic entrepreneur was on hand to give moral support and inspire her I-Chef student chefs. The "Better than Best" candidate is one Wonder Woman, a truly modern Davaoeña.


The Marco Polo Hotel-Davao is truly The Destination of Choice for special evetns and memorable occasions in the city. It is the city's Multi-cultural dining cntre as well. Congratulations!


(by: Michael Ebro Dakudao - Mindanao Times, May 2, 2010 issue.)

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