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Spice Boy and Zabadani


I CAN only blame Chuck Allie.
His gourmet Beef Salpicao dish made me gobble two and a half cups of rice
for dinner. And like a die-hard fan, I ended up wanting more.
I didn’t have to chase after him for an autograph, though. After all, he’s no longer busy with show business; over the past year, he’s spent more time in his kitchen, whipping up cakes and pasta dishes and gaining fandom in the food world as Spice Boy. 
Star chef
After basking under the spotlight as the Last Avenger of GMA network’s StarStruck season three talent search (and the projects and TV appearances that went with it), Chuck went home to Davao to finish his studies and to pursue his unusual love for cooking. 
He shares that he’s always had a thing for food: he’s been interested in cooking since he was in grade 1 and recalls being able to tinker with cooking utensils and other stuff in the kitchen back then. 
That’s why last year, in his college senior year in Ateneo de Davao (he studied marketing), when he was only finishing two subjects, Chuck decided to begin his cooking journey and studied culinary for a year in iChef, a culinary school located in De Jesus Street, this city.
From there, he found himself studying marketing in the morning, while juggling cooking classes iniChef in the afternoon, and continuing his night class in Ateneo. He narrates that, at times, he’d carry with him the smell of onions and garlic to his evening class. He’d also have hosting projects every weekend; he’d multi-task and have fun along the way.
When he graduated from college, he came upwith Spice Boy Gourmet, an online food delivery service (via Facebook) that surprises its patrons with “a different take on traditional favorites.”
His specialties included cakes and baked pasta. Chuck shared that it was his friends who motivated him to pursue Spice Boy. From there, his business took off and gained him new fans—mainly, the doctors of Southern Philippines Medical Center. He recalls delivering trays and trays of baked pasta to them.
Spice Boy and Zabadani
Chuck also made cameo appearances in Zabadani Café’s open house events. There he shared his baked goodies to the ethnic restaurant and brought smiles to its patrons. 
And as Spice Boy Gourmet turns one this August, Chuck entrusts his signature recipes (with royalty) to Wadi, the owner of Zabadani Café. “I’m glad Chuck entrusted his food to us,” Wadi shares. “Emotional ra ba kaayo to, suspending his passion for food/resto stuff.” He and Chuck have been good friends since Zabadani opened sometime in 2008. 
Chuck will be moving to Manila to pursue a career (but this time, behind the camera), working in a PR team of a TV station there.Davao won’t be seeing him for the next 2-3 years, but we’re lucky we can still have our gourmet fix in Zabadani. Spice Boy’s gourmet dishes in Zabadani, as Chuck describes, are simple but with a twist; every dish is prepared to tickle the Davaoeños' discriminating tastes. Even if the dishes look high-end, they promise
not to burn our pockets. 
This week, I stuffed my face with a Beef Salpicao dish, seasoned tenderloin served with garlic rice and tossed in olive oil. The beef cuts were so good that I actually ended up eating two and a half cups of rice (OMG)!
I also sampled Rotini pasta smothered in tomato sauce with grated cheese. For dessert, I gobbled Panna Cotta with strawberry sauce.
I feel starstruck. And extremely full. 
(The gourmet menu of Spice Boy with Zabadani will be available this August)

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